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Optimized Process
Whole Home Water Filtration System

A whole home water filtration system will filter all the water that enters your house.

The filtration system is installed before the water reaches your water heater. You’ll have both hot and cold filtered water throughout your home.

Your whole home water filtration system also boosts the alkaline level of your drinking water.

You’ll be amazed at the difference soft water makes in your cleaning, bathing and washing.

Chemicals, contaminants and calcium are removed from your water.

And with fewer minerals in your water, you won’t risk your expensive household appliances due to mineral build-up.


Local Water Quality Near You

Not sure about the quality of water in your area? Check the national tap water database. You’ll be surprised what’s in your water.

Just because your local water passes EPA standards, doesn’t mean it will pass your standards. 

Flexible Utilization
Optimized Process
Water Testing Cost

How much does water testing cost? Complete testing usually costs $125 or more.  Our water testing process is free.

Just contact PureHomeUSA. Our technician will visit your home and test your water for contaminants. Then they’ll provide you with a detailed report.

*During the COVID-19 pandemic, on-site water testing will be performed using water from your outside faucets. We’re taking precautions  (link to COVID-19 info) to keep you safe.  

Ready for Clean Water?

Are you ready for clean water? PureHomeUSA is ready to serve you. Complete our online form, or call 833-378-7466. 

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