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COVID-19 Precautions

We know that at a time like this your first priority may not be addressing your family’s water concerns. However, many consumers are purchasing bottled water at the grocery store. This is an item that is being rationed in many areas. And, it’s expensive.

We want you to know that, if you choose to install a whole home water system, we take the following precautions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our low contact sales and installation process means you can trust us to safely install your new whole home water system.

Our staff:

  • Collects any needed water samples from outside water spigots.
  • Uses hand sanitizer between all service calls
  • Refrains from shaking hands with clients, and practices social distancing
  • Water analysis results will be emailed to you and reviewed over the phone.

The majority of the installation process occurs outside your home or in your garage. We need very limited access to your home to install your whole home water system.